Wednesday, July 31, 2013

23. Kumbh Mela festival

Kumbh Mela festival begins in Allahabad

Article: Deadly Stampede at Hindu Festival That Draws Millions

Thursday, March 21, 2013

22. Urban Living

1. Trendspotting: Urban Living

2. Tokyo - Megacities

3. Urbanization in China

4. Megacities Reflect Growing Urbanization Trend

5. Life in a Megacity Comes at High Cost | Journal

Sunday, January 27, 2013

21. Long Weekends

Who works the longest? BBC article:

Friday - Rebecca Black - Official Music Video

Latest internet sensation Rebecca Black - see what you think???? I find this quite repetitive...


Last Friday Night - Kate Perry
See what you think of this video???? It has quite a lot of rhyming... (E.g. Bed - head, park - dark)

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love
This song is the best of of this bunch... I have always liked the cure...


20. Boeing 787 Dreamliners

or access it at:

Article U.S. experts join Japan probe into Dreamliners (click here)

19. Hapifork

or at Youtube:

BBC article on eating slower click here

Monday, December 17, 2012

18. Traditional Healers in Africa

Traditional Healers on VOA's In Focus

or visit YoutTube at:

or visit YoutTube at:

17. Nuked Bread

1. New technology could mean that we won't need to use preservatives. Nuking bread can make it last longer. Check out this video on YouTube:

2. Also check out this Ted talk on bread. Reinhart is so passionate about the bread making process and a new kind of healthier bread.

3. How to make bread without kneading

16. Robin Hood Spanish Mayor (Reuters)

Friday, July 13, 2012

15. Germs

14. Sleep Learning

or go to ...........................................................................................Ted Talk:

13. Cashless Society

Friday, June 8, 2012

12. Body Odour

This video talks about what causes body odour and what to do to prevent it.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

11. Discovery of Fire

Funny Cartoon about the discovery of fire

10. Current Topics: How to Make Employees More Efficient

9. Current Topics: Paralysed man takes first steps

John Dawson-Ellis first steps and interview as he learning to walk again

Monday, February 20, 2012

6. Rapid Detox

6. 1 Video
click here or

6.2 Question for the Video

· What is the report about?

· Who is Arthur Schick?

· What happened to him 2 years ago?

· What drug does he take (today)?

· What is Arthur ready to do? Why?

· What is the treatment?

· What does Dr. Clifford Bernstein say about addiction?

· Why is it so easy to get hooked to these drugs?

· How is Dr. Bernstein’s treatment different?

· How does Naltrexone work?

· What is the success rate?

6. 3 Addictions from ELLLO Listening (
Find out what six people say they are addicted to.
(click here)

5. Who is DotCom?

click here or

  • What are his other alias'?
  • How is his lifestyle so lavish?
  • What happened ten years ago?
  • How did he make his money?
  • What happened when he applied for residency in NZ?
  • What is
  • What is a file locker?
  • How has Kim Dotcom made money? How does the site make money?
  • Who has supported in the past?
  • What is inevitable?

Follow up Video:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

4. World's Aging Population

4.1 Video
4.1.1 BBC on Japanese aging technology
Japan Tech Special on BBC World News (September, 2008)

4.1.2 Japan's biggest challenge: it's aging population (click here)
"As Japan attempts to weather the global financial turmoil, experts say its biggest challenge is not the shape of the banks or stock market but the countrys aging population."

4.2 Lesson from Breakingnews English.Com
If you're interested in completeing a reading based activity then go to this site..."This is a link to a lesson on the world's population aging at Breaking News" (click here)

4.3 ELLLO Listening #370 Aging
Vivian talks to her granddaughter about what it is like to get old (Click Here)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

3. Eco-tourism and Antarctica...

3.1 Odd Enough (News)
This weeks odd news from Reuters (click here)
Includes a vocabulary section

3.2 Youtube Video: U.S. Proposes Limits on Tourism in Antarctica

3.3 British Council Listening
Ecotourism By Linda Baxter (click here)
Read and listen to the article and then complete the comprehension quiz (click here)

3.4 Lesson from Breakingnews
If you're interested in completing a reading based activity then go to this site..."This is a link to a lesson on Protecting Antartica from Tourism at Breaking News"(click here)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2. Budget Airlines

2.1 Oddly Enough
This weeks odd news from here) -
Includes a vocabulary section.

2.2 Lesson about Budget airlines: Focussing on Ryanair's proposal for a standing only section on airplanes.(click here)
2.3 Video
2.3.1 Cheap Airlines: A funny look at travelling by air

2.3.2 Irritated Flight Attendant

2.4 ELLLO:
2.4.1 High Flying Job
Shuan talks about his dream of being a pilot and how to make it happen.
(click here)

2.4.2 New Job: Flight Attendant
Trina talks about her new job in the airline industry (click here).

Friday, June 26, 2009

1. Video Games

1.1 Video (CNN)-GTA IV on CNN's Glenn Beck
Watch a video about the game, "Grand Theft Auto" - A warning to parents about the content within the game and a discussion about the influential aspects of the game.
This video can be found at: smith55js
1.2.1 Why do boys like video games more than girls? (Click Here)
Tea discusses her opinion about why people like video games.

1.2.2 884 Gamers (click here)
Jake talks about hard core gamers and his motivation when playing video game

1.3 Breakingnews
If you're interested in completing a reading based activity then go to this site...
"This is a link to a lesson on Video Game Warnings at Breaking News" (Click Here)